&pizza Menu Prices Updated 2022

&pizza Menu Prices

&pizza menu prices: “The &pizza menu store” was founded in 2012 in Washington, D.C.’s historic H Street NE Corridor. More than just a pizza shop, Pizza is a cultural phenomenon. Finally, &pizza emphasises the ampersand’s connectedness, inclusivity, and togetherness. &pizza strives to set trends rather than follow them by blending current preferences, an unorthodox attitude to clothes and relationships, and by committing ourselves to providing each guest a unique experience. Washington, DC 20003 Employees 201 to 500 New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts are among the states where Pizza operates 36 fast-casual pizza restaurants.

Pizza is a quick-service pizza chain in the United States. The eatery sells lengthy, personalised pizzas. Local craftsmen create the interiors for each site, allowing them to customise it to the community. Some establishments provide beer, wine, and cocktail drinks as well as other beverages. Pizza menu CEO Michael Lastoria stands in front of a mobile commissary. Michael Lastoria, CEO of & Pizza, does not want his firm to be seen as a concept of pizzas, but rather as a cultural movement that promotes pizza culture. A “goophy name,” then. 215 franchisees and five corporate-owned stores, including the president and CEO of Blaze Pizza LLC, have grown the business. A 23-pizza restaurant network cofounded by Michael Lastoria, CEO, Creative Director, has taken its own route.

&pizza Menu


The Pies

Maverick $10.25
American Honey $10.25
White $10.25
New G $10.25
Dirty Bird $10.25
Buffalo 66 $10.25
Craft Your Own Pizza $10.25


Lacroix $2.50
Horizon Milk $2.50
&Water 1 Litre $3.53
Ginger Berry Lemonade $2.59
Water 500 ML $2.59
Dark Cherry Cola $2.59


The company offers authentic Italian food, as well as innovative products and services. Taste and culture serve as inspiration. To protect the future of authentic Italian pizza. As part of our mission, we have set a number of goals. &Pizza menu is not only tasty, but can also be a healthy dinner if you consider it. Pizza may be healthier than many frozen and fast-food varieties, which are often high in calories, fat, salt, and other ingredients.Please feel free to share our website with your friends for additional menus. For additional menus, keep an eye on our website. Please feel free to share our website with your friends for additional menus. Keep an eye on our website for more menus..

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