Sub Zero Ice Cream Prices updated 2021

Sub Zero Ice Cream Prices

You started your culinary career by launching your New York Burrito in Orem, Utah, which let your customers to have full control of the food. The dessert was the same freedom Jerry and Naomi intended to give. … He has been so successful in his approach that Sub Zero Ice Cream debuted in Orem, Utah, in 2004.Sub Zero Ice Cream was founded in 2004 by Jerry and Naomi Hancock, with more than 55 domestic and foreign stores and a successful franchise in 2008. According to the firm, 50 contracts will be signed in 2016 and 50 more shops opened over the next 18 months.

Sub Zero Ice Cream is a nationwide business established in Provo, Utah, which supplies gourmet, customised ice cream. Quality cream, taste and mingling, which produces up to 2,5 million combinations, is frozen using liquid nitrogen.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautioned against eating liquid ice cream. The FDA has warned that fluid nitrogen is so cold that it can damage the health of a person. Officials stated it would burn somebody’s throat to eat liquid nitrogen since it is so cold.

Sub Zero Ice Cream Prices:


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt 1 oz. $0.39

Premium Old Fashion Ice Cream

Ice Cream Single $2.49
Ice Cream Double $3.69
Ice Cream Triple $4.79
Ice Cream Pint $5.79

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ice Cream Small $1.69
Ice Cream Large $1.99
Toppings $0.50
Waffle Cone $1.00
Energy Boost $0.50

Hand Spun Milkshakes

Milkshake Regular $3.69
Milkshake Large $4.79
Milkshake Specialty $5.99

Refreshing Smoothies

Smoothie Regular $3.69
Smoothie Large $4.49


Water $1.25
Soda $1.25


Our Service To offer our clients the utmost delight and experience of the ice cream and to encourage and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.Keep sn eye on our website for more menus.

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